Significance is the New Currency

As the world continues to grow “smaller” through the interconnectedness that technology affords, more and more people from all walks of life are “waking up” to an emboldened conviction that there has to be a deeper answer to the age-old question, “What on Earth am I REALLY here for?” This question transcends religious and spiritual beliefs, and counters against time-held ‘truths’ that life is monotonous pattern of cyclical actions that defines our existence…


A Closer Look at Core Value #1: Do Good Together

GGC Core Value #1: Do good together. Every decision we make is directed at truly making the world a better place.

As Global GameChangers, we adhere to Ten Core Values that guide us in everything that we do as a Global Force For Good. These Values are non-negotiable; rather, they embody the essence of our culture and greater movement. To create core values, mission and vision statements, and other guiding principles is not unique or overly difficult; but to ingrain them into our everyday culture and continually reflect and act on them as a beacon that draws us to the unlimited “light” humanity is capable of producing is quite a transformational undertaking!

Throughout the next few months we will be taking a closer look at each of our Core Values. We are excited to co-create and hold one another to the highest of standards and accountability. In doing so, we are committed to the Global GameChangers (GGC) movement becoming synonymous with TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TRANSFORMATION!


Meet the Director of OUR Foundation, Dr. Celeste Allen

by Dr. Celeste Allen

This is my story of why I am truly honored and excited to be a part of the Global GameChangers movement! It is a unique and transparent organization that is transforming the several massive industries: charitable giving, travel, social entrepreneurship, and More!

I experienced my first international flight while in my early 20s. I had traveled within the continental United States but never overseas. The trip to Europe gave me a glimpse of the wonderful global diversity of people, languages and cultures, and offered a hint of the insights gained when learning and experiencing new places. I vowed then that I wanted to visit all seven continents! I was hooked on traveling!


What in the Heck is a LifeChanger Anyway? Two Real-Life Examples

The words “LifeChangers Purpose-Driven Vacations” can elicit a lot of different feelings and accompanying preconceived notions about what they might entail: Is it a mission trip? A voluntourism type experience? A religious-affiliated outfit? Are they safe? Will they only go to second and third world countries? Anything less than 5 Star is considered camping to me! Anything above 4 Star is beyond me!

Hey, it’s okay, friends! We get it 🙂 It’s only human nature to sometimes hope for the best, but expect the worse…but not here! Our TRUTH really IS good enough! So…let’s set the record straight, and provide some Real Life examples of what a LifeChanger experience can do to live out its name’s implications: to genuinely ‘change’ your ‘Life!’


LIVE – LOVE – SERVE by Co-Founder, Ken Julian

As I am well on my way in my 6th decade of life, I have often pondered, “How can I live a more purposeful life?” Things for me changed after my first mission trip to Panama over a decade ago.

My wife, Lorrie, and I have been business owners for the last fifteen years.  While the first decade of our entrepreneurial journey was rocky, to say the least, we have been blessed with steady growth over the last several years.  It has always been on my mind and heart, that as our business grows and achieves success, that we should share that success with others in need, both locally and abroad.


A Perspective On Life Balance…and More!

Our Founders survived the weather and other elements to arrive back safely from Kansas City. Despite our Colts laying the proverbial ‘egg’ (aka, they Stunk it up!), it was quite a memorable experience, especially for the kiddos! Meanwhile, our COO Andre Ramsey was busy pouring into the spiritual lives as pastor of a growing congregation on the city’s near Northside; other corporate leaders spent the weekend playing with their kiddos in the snow or staying warm inside with friends and family.


Our First Blog Post! by Founder Eric Allen

Alright, Friends! This is REALLY happening! A little over a year ago, God placed an enormous dream on my heart…a dream whereby the best of charitable giving, social entrepreneurship, relationship marketing, and meaningful service could be manifested in a movement that would serve to galvanize and mobilize a Global Force For Good. Please know that is not my dream – this is OUR God-sized dream, one where anyone with a genuine heart to serve others can find a meaningful place to connect and contribute.